In Memory

Vicki Holt


Vicki Holt died from Cancer. 

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04/07/14 10:30 AM #1    

Jennifer Croft (Sohn)

Vicki and I grew up across the street from each other. I would stand in front of her house on Saturday mornings until she let me in. I couldn't knock on the door because her mother played the accordian until the wee hours of the morning. We didn't have a television then, and I couldn't wait to watch cartoons with my best friend. We would eat a loaf of buttered raisin toast, which remains one of my best childhood memories. Vicki and I lost touch until 2005 when I went to visit her in Las Vegas. I am happy to report she was married to a great guy who considers it a privilege to have lived with "the best woman on the planet." Vicki looked great and was as sweet as the girl I knew. She had dealt with some hardship in her life, but she was always a loving and giving friend. It is good to know that she ended up in a good place with a devoted partner.

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