SURVEY 60yr Reunion 2025

Happy Spring my fellow Cougars Class of ’65!!!

Here it is 2023 already and the 60th anniversary of our graduation will be here in 2 years - 2025.

Ideas that have been discussed include a simple single-day picnic somewhere in or near Palo Alto all the way to a full weekend event similar to the 2015 reunion that was in Scott’s Valley. Who knows? This may be the last opportunity to come together as a class, and it all depends on you - are you interested in attending? Are you interested in helping plan it?


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1)   * Would you prefer a one-day event Sat 9/27/2025 (picnic or dinner or other-yet-to-be-determined event?)

2)   * Would you prefer a weekend event from 9/26-9/28/2025 similar to the 2015 reunion in Scott's Valley?

3)   Are you willing to help plan/coordinate the 2025 event(s) in some way if you are able???

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4)   Comments/recommendations and advice please