Randy Laur ('64)

In Dec.'63 this Bub Presley lead Cubberley team defeated the highly rated Washington H.S. of S.F. Class of '65 team members were J.Callahan R.Childs B.Davis B. Fein R.Lambson J.Sandborn S.Sonne & J.Wiser. This victory was one of numerous big game upsets Presley coached teams became noted for in both his H.S. & college coaching careers.                                                                                 I see John Callahan quite often as he is a highly successful state champion football coach at Detroit Loyola H.S. here in Mich. It is inner city and there are challenges. I'm so proud to know him & lucky to see his impact on life.   Sorry to say he can't make the class reunion as he will be coaching his team that day.      If possible say hi to Virginia Presley for both of us. We both remember her & have talked about her. Her dad meant so much to both of us, hence this photo and short written tribute.  I saw Coach Presley after my CHS days a number of times in the bay area for basketball camps, in Mich. when he was working for Pro basketball, at UNLV as an asst. coach, & at Menlo College where he brought them glory, & sadly at the nursing home his final stop. However I did not go to his memorial service. So with your help by posting this photo I feel I am saying good bye & thanks Coach Presley.              Thank You!!