In Memory

Jack Ruby

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05/26/14 03:58 PM #1    

Jeff Rawlins

I met Jack soon after he came to Cubberley from somewhere in Texas, I think.  He and his VW bug became trusted friends.  We lost touch after Cubberley, and I'm very sad to learn he's no longer with us.

05/27/14 05:43 PM #2    

Janet Barlow

Jack was very nice.  I remember when he came to Cubberley, not knowing anyone.  He made friends quickly and just fit in with the rest of us.  I also remember when Kennedy was assassinated and the name Jack Ruby came up that I felt sorry for our Jack Ruby.and feared he would be given a bad time over his name.  As I recall, Jack's Dad was Air Force and I think that is what brought him to PA.  I always liked Jack and was sorry to see his name on the list.

09/23/15 01:50 PM #3    

Terry Huff

Jack and I became friends shortly after he moved to Palo Alto after his father retired from the Army. Jack was always an energetic and adventurous spirit. His red VW bug was always in motion with Jack at the wheel. I sometimes wonder how we survived our HS years. Every Halloween a few of us would pool our money and purchase an operational vehicle from one of the East PA junkyards. Running and never registered, these cars became our "Halloween Wagons" and we raised havoc in PA and the surrounding towns. We even once held an impromptu "Demolition Derby" in the school parking lot and earned 3 days time off from school as a reward. Jack was the person who talked me (and maybe Paul) into flying helicopters for the Army. Jack continued his carieer as a pilot in many parts of the world, until the time of his death, when his logging helicopter came apart in flight. Although far too young, he died doing what he loved. It would be nice if we could all depart that way.  

10/12/15 02:54 PM #4    

Michael McCarty

Jack was one of my best friends in highschool. I remember the first day he came to class and sat across from me. It was not long after Kennedy was assasinated and his name was now infamous. Jack, me, Dick Bailey, Doug Beer, Terry Huff and a handful of others whose names dont pop up in my 68-yr old brain hung together. When Jack got back from 'nam I couldn't believe what he'd gone through. It was terrible news when I found out he died so young.

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