In Memory

Katherine Miller (Malin)

Deceased Classmate: Kathy Miller Malin
Date Of Birth: Dec-30-1948
Date Deceased: April-29-2003
Age at Death: 54
Cause of Death: Breast cancer
Classmate City: Durham
Classmate State: NC
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Son, Reed, 18, daughter, Karelia, 13, husband, Peter, and sister, Ginny (Cubberley '71). Predeceased by sister Barbara (Cubberley '69) in 1994 and mother in 1992 (Virginia Miller, teacher at Ortega, later principal at Nixon).

My sister Kathy was on the Folio staff, a brilliant alto soloist, and a gifted writer who went on to a career as a book editor. She graduated from Harvard in 1969 and received Masters degrees from Stanford in journalism and communications. She is deeply missed for her compassion, humor--always injected with insight--and infectious laugh. 

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12/14/14 02:24 PM #2    

Paul Barnes


I had coffee with Gail Nunes Freiler -- not Forrer -- in San Luis Obispo last Spring (aplogies, Gail, for my haste and inaccuracy!) . . .  apparently the photos she shared were from a going away party for Ellen Keneshea hosted at Pam Pitre's.  Clearly, Gail has more memory pistons firing than do I. . .  thanks for the reminders!  

12/15/14 10:12 AM #3    

Jennifer Croft (Sohn)

Wow, Paul, I can't imagine a more authentic and beautiful tribute. Thank you for making her come alive. She wouldn't edit a thing!

12/15/14 11:00 AM #4    

Brad Smith

Thank you, Paul, for your comments on Kathy. In addition to being a lovely, friendly young lady, was she ever bright! We had a number of classes together. I remember that while the rest of us worked on major assignments for days, Kathy would start the night before and get it done, always with stellar results. Once when I was out on the field in A block gym class, there she was, walking across the field to school, carrying her portable typewriter. We had a paper due, and she was going to get it done between classes or at lunch. It was probably for Mr. Tanner's English class. As always, it was excellent when she finished it.

She majored in Chinese at Harvard. You may remember that in the '60s at some colleges carrying around a little red book with translations of Mao's sayings was the thing to do. Kathy told me that the other students envied the Chinese majors, because their little red books were in the original language.

I think Kathy's mother and sister died of breast cancer as well.

Brad Smith

12/16/14 09:11 AM #5    

Patricia Albers (Moore)

Wow, Paul really knows how to bring the memories flooding back.  Kathy was in my Mandarin Chinese class and also French.  I've noticed that almost everyone I was friends with in high school has passed on and I eagerly searched for names of the living some time ago.  Kathy went to intensive Chinese summer school at Stanford and I went to Columbia.  We both had National Defense Scholarships to study Chinese.  I had to leave for New York before graduation, so I missed a lot of stuff.  I also went to Terman junior high and because I was really shy as a teenager, I never knew many of my classmates.  Now, living in Applegate, CA, I have a neighbor, Gloria Paone, as my across the street neighbor!  We never met at Cubberley!  I'm really looking forward to this reunion!

12/16/14 12:34 PM #6    

Robin King (Asher)

Paul, as usual, you have written a wonderful obituary.(I just finished re-reading John Grisham's The Last Juror, with its wonderful insights into the art of obituary writing, so I am sensitive to the subject.) Thank you for the memories of Kathy - so much I either didn't know or had forgotten. I directed that French Play, Noe, but I remember so little - just flashes. I really appreciate the reminders. I'm sure you did a wonderful job on the sound, because you were professional and dedicated in your theatre work. I do remember some frustration about attendance or lateness with various members of the cast, and it made me appreciate what Mr. Buck did every day. I think it turned into a comedy because of the irrepressible nature of the cast.

12/16/14 06:53 PM #7    

Paul Barnes


The minute I read your post, the image of Kathy, cherrily determined, typewriter case in hand crossing the playing fields behind school immediately materialized.  Thanks for adding that detail.  She was truly unique: so very smart, so vastly talented, and her optimistic, undaunted spirit was pervasive.  Chinese and French.  Yikes!!


Thanks for the reminder that you had directed Noe, another detail that rushed back the minute you mentioned it.  Those were good times, and I will always value the freedom and trust that Mr. Buck placed in us. . .  the fact that we got to do these things pretty much on our own -- were encouraged to do so, as a matter of course: you with "Noe"; Marc Jacobs with that stellar production of "The Miracle Worker," in which, I believe you and I played Helen's young companions, the redoubtable brother and sister, Martha and Percy (whose exact race Marc was smart enough to leave as inderterminate in the case of our production).  

12/16/14 07:30 PM #8    

Paul Barnes

Er, Brad . . .  Cheerily determined, not 'cherrily deterined.'  I'm pretty sure Kathy wouldn't have let that one pass. Fingers faster than my eyes. 


12/17/14 06:02 AM #9    

Susan Hill

Eloquent and mindful tribute - captures so much spirit in both of you!  While I swam at Greenmeadow's pool, I was a Greendell neighbor.  You brought many good memories of those days, and I appreciate how you seem to be knitting our bonds again.  Really looking forward to September 2015.

12/18/14 11:35 AM #10    

Martha Arnold (Alston)


Dear Classmates,

I also lived in Greenmeadow, and Kathy Miller Malin was a friend of mine since my family moved there just before I started Ohlones Elementary School, in third grade.  She was a wonderful friend who brought so much joy to my life.  She was part of Girl Scout Troop 802, over which my mom was the Leader.  Together we went to Girl Scout camp and later became camp counselors at Foothill Park and Camp Friendship.  We played Mumblety (sp?) Peg in her back yard, made and consumed large quantities of cookie dough and raw jello while her mom was away at work, sneezed over her numerous cats, went swimming at the Greenmeadow Pool and took "social dance classes" at the community center there.  Oh my, all the memories of our laughing out loud together.  

Not only did we lose Kathy, her mother and her sister, Barbara to breast cancer, her maternal grandmother was also taken by the disease.  Such a loss - three very bright and loving women...  I cannot tell you how happy I was to find out that her sister Ginny is still here with us.  




07/14/18 09:59 PM #11    

Janet Barlow

I am posting this at the request of Virginia (Ginny) Miller Tucker, Katherine's younger sister.  Janet


I came across the lovely posts from Marti Arnold and Paul Barnes and others, and I wanted to respond in some way to express my gratitude. I also wanted to let them know I have shared their messages with Kathy's children, Reed and Karelia, and husband, Peter. Reading about these memories brought her vibrant personality up in such a vivid way, from her laugh to her brilliant big smile. Her son, Reed, is now a father, and Peter got remarried several years after Kathy's death to a wonderful woman who is very much part of the growing family. I remember Marti particularly well, as I think she spent as much time at our home as Kathy did at hers. I do feel like the last Miller girl standing at times, and it is a daily heartache missing my mother and sisters. But my five nieces and nephews who lost their mothers when they were so young, and my own three children--and now two grandchildren and two grandnieces, too--make for a full family. We enjoyed a visit a few months ago from Tom Sears in your class who was passing through NW Washington, and it was another opportunity to remember Kathy. 


Kind regards,

Ginny Miller (Tucker)


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